Who was `Abdu'l-Bahá, and why did He come to the West?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 3, 1912

Dublin: Day 10 of 23; Beauty of style, moderation in delivery and suitability of words and meanings;  propounding the Holy Writ; dancing for the Master; 
Mahmud wrote: "While a few of us were discussing the Master's explanations and the simplicity and decisiveness of His talks, He said to us:
The explanations must be adapted to the capacity of the hearers and suited to the exigency of the time. Beauty of style, moderation in delivery and suitability of words and meanings are necessary. It is not only a matter of uttering words. In `Akká, Mírzá Muhammad-`Alí [half-brother of Abdu'l-Baha and a Covenant Breaker] would hear me speak and would repeat my words exactly on other occasions but he did not understand that a thousand wisdoms and ingredients other than speech are necessary. In the days of Baghdád and Sulaymáníyyih, Shaykh `Abdu'l-Husayn [an enemy of the Faith] was told that the Blessed Beauty was attracting the Kurds to Himself by quoting Súfí and gnostic terms.
This poor Shaykh obtained a copy of the Futúhát-i-Makkíyyih [Conquests of Mecca] and committed its passages to memory. But wherever he quoted them, he saw that none lent an ear to him. He was greatly puzzled as to why people did not listen to him. The Blessed Beauty said, `Tell the Shaykh that We are not in the habit of reading the Conquests of Mecca (Futúhát-i-Makkíyyih) but We impart to them the verses of True Civilization. We are not propounding the writings of the Shaykh [Ibn al-`Arabí], we are propounding the Holy Writ.
In the afternoon He spoke about how the secondary laws of religions change in every age according to the exigencies of the time and the harmfulness of the materialistic world and the benefit of religion. The meeting ended with a series of sincere questions and answers."
ah! definitely things to remember. 
Agnes has some interesting things to report today. She describes how the Master came to their home after a good night in the lower village (He was sleeping at an inn, as the air was too invigorating at Day-Spring.) Her son Jeffrey ran down to see Him, and the Master "gathered him in His arms and kissed him." He said, "There is nothing more delightful than the emotion one feels in embracing a sweet child, it makes one's very ribs dilate." 
Later, she returned from the Club and found 'Abdu'l-Bahá speaking to the Bahá'ís and Mr. Lamont. She writes, "Most interesting were the answers to the questions. Jeffrey and I danced together for a few minutes before dinner, then Abdu'l-Baha told Dr. Getsinger to dance--but alone. He pronounced the whole performance 'very good.' The carriage took Him to the village, where He is sleeping better. Mrs. Ford had to leave early this morning. I asked Abdu'l-Baha if He was pleased with her, and He answered: 'Yes, and I shall be more pleased with her.'"
So--dancing for the Master! And His clairvoyance re. the future good acts--does this mean He already knows how our lives will turn out--what we will do spiritually? But of course, from that other realm! 
May the Master be more pleased with us than He is "today"--may our wills coincide more often with the Will of God.

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