Who was `Abdu'l-Bahá, and why did He come to the West?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 1912 Streams of visitors

New York: from dawn to nightfall, streams of visitors; joy to the sad, hope to the hopeless 
Mahmud writes: "Several friends came at dawn to the Master's residence, begging admission into His presence and saying that watching Him at prayer would be its own spiritual lesson. We were astounded to see how eager they were, proof that the power of the Word of God has dispelled old habits and opened the gates of bounty such that at so an early hour these souls had taken leave of their comfortable beds and sought refuge at the majestic gate of the Center of the Covenant.
These were the last few remaining days of the Master's sojourn in America as He planned to leave for England soon. At dawn and in the evening a stream of believers and prominent people, in a spiritual and prayerful attitude, came into His presence. They came to offer supplications, to turn to the Eternal Face, to look upon the Dawning Place of the Divine Covenant and to cling to the mantle of His grace and favor. At every moment the cries and ardor of His lovers increased and the fire of love in their breasts glowed more fiercely. There was not a moment's rest day or night for the Master. He was either delivering addresses at various public and private gatherings or talking to a friend in His private room. He gave joy to every sad one, hope to the hopeless and was a flame of fire to the heedless while guiding those who strive onto the right path.
Today the Master's public address concerned the spiritual capacity of the Americans. He said:
Although they are engrossed in material civilization and physical pursuits, still, unlike people in some European countries, they are not wholly devoid of spiritual susceptibilities. They are seekers and desire to investigate reality. They wish for peace and tranquillity and they desire fellowship and love among humanity.
In the evening He expressed His happiness at the spirituality and services of the friends in their efforts to diffuse the fragrances of God."

Would you have sought Him at dawn, day-time, or evening? Or all three?  It's good to know that "we" are not devoid of spiritual susceptibilities, that we desire to investigate reality.  Yet we need to attract seekers, to cull those qualities out in others--as He did!

"Last remaining days"--the departure is in sight. No wonder the ardor is increasing. I'm trying to get a picture of the various scenes that surrounded Him, at all hours. Wave upon wave of visitors, and He giving to all. Wish we had more accounts of those who visited and received hope, joy, and guidance!
In 1921 on this day, He died.  There was a glorious funeral procession--with so many gathered!   Today, in 2012, we observe His ascension, celebrate His life.  And know that He is always with us! 

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