Who was `Abdu'l-Bahá, and why did He come to the West?

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 1912 REAL love!

New York: Real love, beyond outward love; firmness; incessant bounty; divine gardener
Mahmud writes: "In the morning, after revealing Tablets and granting interviews, the Master joined the gathering of the friends with these words:
I always derive great pleasure from being with you. I shall always remember these gatherings. I shall never forget them. If I cannot see each one of you individually every day that should not undermine our real love. See how much work I have to do! It is more than a week since I received this letter from my sister, the Greatest Holy Leaf [Bahíyyih Khánum], and other members of the household, but I have not had the opportunity to open it yet. I was looking for another letter when I came upon this unopened letter. Then I heard that you were waiting here and I came downstairs to see you because I have no time to see you individually. In spite of this, if anyone has an urgent matter I will see them privately, even if only for a few minutes. Had I time I would always be with you. My happiness lies in seeing you, for in your faces are apparent the glad tidings of the Abhá Kingdom and in your hearts heavenly love and attraction. If outwardly we fail to meet, it does not weaken our real love. God willing, you shall all be assisted and immersed in the sea of bounty and the favor of Bahá'u'lláh.
In the afternoon at a meeting of the friends, the Master turned towards Mrs Krug and said:
A believer in Bahá'u'lláh is he who is firm in the Covenant. He who is firm in the divine Covenant is a believer, a servant of the believers, a seeker of Bahá'í harmony and unity and a promoter of fellowship and amity among the friends of God. Is it possible that one can accept a book and refuse to accept him who teaches it? Is it possible to accept the sun and to reject its rays? He who rejects the rays is a rejector of the sun, too.
Furthermore, many say, `We have no need of divine Manifestations; we ourselves have direct communication with God.' They do not know that the divine Manifestations are the bright rays of the Sun of Truth and a means of educating the realities of man. Therefore, he who rejects the bounty of the Sun of Truth and thinks himself not in need of it is like the one who says he is not in need of God and rejects both God and reality, in spite of the fact that all creation is receiving incessant bounty from God and is dependent on Him, as the body is dependent upon the soul.
In the evening the Master spoke to the gathering on man's ability to understand the reality of certain things using his intelligence because man's intelligence is the discoverer of reality. For instance, through the process of reasoning, intelligence can comprehend the existence of God and understand that this magnificent universe cannot exist without a Creator. These works are not without a Maker and this garden of creation cannot exist without a Gardener."

Nine days left. They must have all felt the impending pangs of separation--and there He was consoling them.  We who are envious of those who actually met Him can surely rejoice in the "real love" that is always there! 

Universally, it seems, when people know about 'Abdu'l-Bahá they have a resonation with Him.  Our Prophet figures are so sublime, but the Master seems so tangible. He is still there for us if we need a personal interview--to console, to advice, to inspire.  So perhaps a question is how can we let His love show through us a little more? The world can only be bettered!

A prayer*:
'Abdu'l-Bahá, grant us personal meetings with You; give us a clearer understanding of the grandeur of the Covenant; let Your love illumine our hearts and shine out to others. . . . 

May all those who hosted You, who served You, who met You, continue to enjoy the real love of which You speak. May we be connected to this everlasting circle of those who are drawn to Your presence and may we receive assistance from those who loved You who have flown to the next world, that we might befittingly recollect Your days here, learn from them and help transform this nation and this world. . . . 


*I am inclined, sometimes, to make up prayers! 

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