Who was `Abdu'l-Bahá, and why did He come to the West?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 1912 Dancing with joy

San Francisco; meeting with the Mayor of Berkeley; changes to come gradually; Zion dancing for joy; Carmel revived and rejoicing
Mahmud writes: "While tea was being served in the morning, the Master recalled the events of last night, saying:
The pastor said: `The messenger of God will speak in the church of God.' No one will believe it unless they see it themselves. No matter to whom you may write these words, they will think it an exaggeration and will not believe it to be true.
Among those visiting the Master today was the Mayor of Berkeley. He questioned the Master about economic issues and received useful answers. In conclusion `Abdu'l-Bahá said:
We must strive until mankind achieves everlasting felicity. Laws are needed which can both preserve the ranks of individuals and secure peace and stability for them because society is like an army, which needs a general, captains, lieutenants and privates. Not all can be captains nor can all be soldiers. The grades of responsibility are essential and the differences of rank a necessity. Just as a family needs old and young, master and mistress, servants and attendants, likewise society needs organization and structure. However, all must be part of an order which will ensure that each lives in complete comfort within his own station. It should not be that the master lives in comfort while the servant is in pain; that is injustice. Similarly, it is impossible that all be either servants or masters; then there would be no order.
The mayor asked, `Will these things be realized soon?' The Master replied:
As these laws are in conformity with the demands of the time, they will unfailingly prevail, although they will be implemented gradually. Everything can be prevented or resisted except the demands of the time. The time is ripe for the governments to remedy these ills. Relief must be brought to the toiling masses. Otherwise, if these ills are allowed to become chronic, their cure will be difficult and they will precipitate a great revolution.
The Master then gave an account of the unity and self-sacrifice of the friends of the East and expounded on various aspects of the true economic laws, which He had written while in Dublin. The mayor was so impressed that he could not help expressing his sincere admiration. He then invited the Master to an important meeting to be held in the city that evening. Because this meeting had political aims as its objective, the Master tendered His apologies.
This evening the Master spoke to a Bahá'í gathering at a hall on the subjects of divine civilization, spiritual capacity and heavenly power. The fragrances of the bounties of God subdued every heart, particularly those of the friends visiting from Honolulu and those from the vicinity. After the meeting `Abdu'l-Bahá remarked: `I love the friends of Honolulu very much. I wish that I could go to that area and to Japan to see how much capacity for the Cause of God they possess.'
At the request of a Jewish friend, the Master spoke to some Jews who had come, saying:
The day and age promised by the divine Prophets has appeared. This is the day in which Zion dances with joy. The day has come in which Carmel is revived and is rejoicing. That day has come for you to return to Palestine and see how it is flourishing."

What vision! Of course, He is probably saddened by how long the process is taking, how "Palestine" has been a place of turmoil, how slowly human progress inches along. . . .

We wish He could have gone to Hawaii and to Japan--to all of the places in the world!  

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