Who was `Abdu'l-Bahá, and why did He come to the West?

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 1912 The capacity of souls

New York: From the Hotel to the Kinney's home; Metropolitan Temple

Mahmúd writes: "At a gathering of Bahá'ís, the Master recounted His journey to Boston, speaking on the capacity of souls and the need for divine education. Friends and inquirers were also continuously coming and going to visit Him in His room. Today He moved from the house facing the Hudson River to Mrs Kinney's home. He had instructed us to rent a house for Him because the owner of the apartment hotel considered that the movement of so many diverse people was unusual and felt that the additional work and difficulty [for the staff] was too much. There had been so many people visiting from morning to night that the hotel management had been obliged to respond to incessant inquiries. However, when the staff saw the Master's great kindness as He left the hotel they became ashamed of their conduct and begged Him to stay longer, but He did not accept."

Ward is more blunt: "On Tuesday, May 28, Abdu'l-Baha was evicted from His hotel. . . . He moved to Saffa Kinney's home at 780 West End Ave."

All sources aside from Mahmúd say that it was May 28 when the Master spoke at the Metropolitan Temple. (See post from yesterday for details and photos of the Temple.) The next day, the 29th, there was an article in the New York City American headed, "URGES ONE RELIGION FOR ALL":
     "The Metropolitan Temple was filled yesterday with a fashionable and distinguished audience greeting Abdul Baha Abbas.  Upon the platform were seated the Rev. Wesley J. Hill, former paster of the Metropolitan Templ., Church, who presided; the Rev. Rabbi Silverman and the Rev. Dr. Frederick Lynch, all of whom spoke. . . .
     Abdul Baha said that divine religions, like the waters, are in reality one. He advocated one universal religion with no racial difference." (Ward, 74–75)

Oh, Mahmúd. You give us so much. Wish the dates weren't a problem, here and there! I encourage everyone to read yesterday's post to reflect on the details of what occurred today.  Er, in 1912!
We are excited because an "intern"--Nura Adlparvar--is arriving today from New York to stay with us and help edit our film!  She's a film student from Columbia University. We are so lucky!

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